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For parents and their little bugs


 Many parents wonder if this type of education is right for their child. With research in education moving towards a more healthier lifestyle and a more balance between outdoor and indoor activities, children can start to become more self assured and less anxiety ridden. By working with others in the community, children can also gain a sense of belonging and purpose as they assist and help to be productive members of society.


Windy Willows, we blend community with outdoor and indoor learning. It was formed after seeing the tremendous creativity and imagination happening from children when allowed to explore their surroundings within forestry and natural environments. This was also shown through the amazing bonds and relationships that were formed when working with other groups within the community.  At Windy Willows, children are encouraged to get dirty and explore through imagination and cooperation.


Why outdoor education?

Can we bring the bugs home?


Well, not really. They like to be in the natural world and feel frightened when we take them from their home. But we can watch them and be gentle with them and when we are done observing, we can find a special and safe spot for them to continue living.


Can we eat outside?


SURE! Let's have a picnic. We can eat outside when it's sunny or rainy as long as we have the proper gear on. Let's also make sure that we clean up all the mess so we don't attract wildlife.


Can I play in the mud? Can I dig in the dirt?


ABSOLUTELY! We even have special areas for that. Can I dig with you? I wonder what we can make?


Will my child be outside all the time? Even in the snow?


At Windy Willows we go outside everyday. Fog, snow, rain, sun are all fascinating times for discovery.  Our schedule allows us freedom to go with the child and allow them to be the ones to choose how long and how often we are outside learning. From this, the children learn to adapt to their surroundings and discover all what our environment has to offer. There may be times when we are indoors, such as arrival, and rest time.


Does my child need to nap?


Every child is required by Licensing to have a rest time during the day. At Windy Willows there is a special room for those children who require a nap. Those who do not, are able to have quiet time, with quiet activities, in another area.


Do I need to pack a lunch?


Yes, we do you require you to pack a lunch with two snacks and a drink for your child throughout the day. We promote healthy choices at Windy Willows, such as sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, cheese, crackers (etc.). Candy and chips are special treats saved for home.

Parent FAQ
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